Food Menu

Napolitana Pasta

house made napolitana sauce, parmesan cheese

Pepperoni Pizza

Chips, Fruit & Vegie Skewer

Hawaiian Pizza

Chips, Fruit & Vegie Skewer

Chicken Nuggets

Chips, Vegie Skewer

Beer Battered Fish

Chips, Vegie Skewer

to share
Garlic & Herb Naan (v)

hummus, dukkah, extra virgin olive oil

Charred Broccolini (vg) (gf)

dukkah, extra virgin olive oil

Salt & Szechuan Pepper Squid (gf)

Asian salad, nauc cham dressing

Half shell Scallop (gf)

cauliflower puree, crispy chicken skin, jus

$5 each
Twice Cooked Pork Belly (gf)

apple puree, red wine jus, frisee

Cajun Prawn Arancini (gf)

lime aioli


Fire Roasted Octopus (gfa)

mixed olives, chorizo, crusty bread, lemon

Natural Oysters (gf) ; Kilpatrick Oysters ; Miso Oysters

Lemon (gf)  ; crispy bacon, house made BBQ sauce, lemon ;  miso dressing, pickled ginger, lemon

Natural $4.5 Kilpatrick $5 Miso $5
Chips (v) (gf)

spiced salt, aioli

Wedges (v) (vga)

Sour cream & sweet chilli

Beef Carpaccio (gf)

potato, black salt, quail egg, beets, mascarpone

Wild Mushrooms (v)

crumbed feta, ciabatta, pesto, mirco cress

Roasted Duck Spring Rolls

house made spicy plum sauce

Mash Potato (v) (gf)
Garden Salad (vg) (gf)

mustard vinaigrette

stone fired pizza
Pulled Pork

jalapeno, red peppers, napolitana, mozzarella, sour cream


pepperoni, napolitana, mozzarella


prawns, squid, fish, mornay sauce, mozzarella, chorizo crumb, rocket, lemon

Meat Lovers

cacciatore, bacon, pepperoni, chorizo, house made BBQ sauce, mozzarella, aioli


cherry tomatoes, napolitana, mozzarella, basil


roasted zucchini, beetroot, red onion, feta,  mozzarella, napolitana, rocket, pine nuts

Gluten Free Base
pk classics
Chicken Parmigana

crumbed chicken breast, napolitana, mozzarella, fries, coleslaw

Fish & Chips (dfa) (gfa)

Whitelakes battered local fish, fries, crushed peas, tartare, lemon


Wagyu beef patty, bacon, American cheddar, house made BBQ sauce, aioli, rocket, tomato, peppered onions, brioche bun, fries, aioli

Add egg $1.5

the char grill
300g Scotch

cooked to your liking

Choice of 2 sides salad (gf) / mash (gf) / vegetables (gf) / fries (gf)

Choice of Sauce mushroom (df) ( gf) / pepper (gf) / garlic (gf)


300g Sirloin

cooked to your liking

Choice of 2 sides salad (gf) / mash (gf) / vegetables (gf) / fries (gf)

Choice of Sauce mushroom (df) ( gf) / pepper (gf) / garlic (gf)

400g T-Bone

cooked to your liking

Choice of 2 sides salad (gf) / mash (gf) / vegetables (gf) / fries (gf)

Choice of Sauce mushroom (df) ( gf) / pepper (gf) / garlic (gf)

not to share
Chermoula Chicken Salad (va)

marinated tenderloins, labne, herbed cous cous,  toasted almonds, cucumber, rocket

Seafood Bouillabaisse (gfa) (pa)

mussels, prawns, squid, fish, rouille, spiced tomato broth, warm bread, butter

Vegetarian Burger (v)

sweet potato & quinoa patty, chipotle aioli, cheddar, pineapple, coleslaw, fries, aioli

Chicken Breast (gf)

dauphinoise potato, charred asparagus, chicken crackling, tarragon butter, carrot puree

Steak Sandwich

Creole spiced beef brisket, smoked bacon, cheddar, chipotle aioli, house made BBQ sauce, charred corn salsa, rocket, Turkish panini, fries, aioli

Pork Cutlet (gf) (pa)

roasted heirloom carrots, charred broccolini, , baby potatoes, carrot puree, red wine jus


See daily specials for today offer

Spiced sweet potato & Quinoa Fritters (vg) (gfa)

hummus, crispy tortilla, rocket, charred corn salsa, slow rostered tomatoes, toasted sesame, herb oil

Prawn & Crab Linguine (dfa)

prawn cutlets, blue manna crab, garlic, chilli, cherry tomatoes, spinach, white wine, lemon infused olive oil, fresh herbs, parmesan

Vegetarian option $21.9

Pineapple Carpaccio (gfa) (dfa)

raspberry sorbet, lemon curd, meringue, vanilla bean double cream, pepper syrup

Chocolate Brownie

chocolate ganache, raspberry coulis, strawberries, vanilla ice cream

Crème Brulèe (gfa)

see daily specials in venue


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